TU-A4.2P: Innovative Solutions of Integral equations
Tue, 16 Jul, 13:40 - 17:20
Location: Room 18
Session Type: Oral
Track: AP-S: Computational and Analytical Techniques
Tue, 16 Jul, 13:40 - 14:00

TU-A4.2P.1: Schur Decomposition Fast Direct Solver for Volume Surface Integral Equation

Yoginder Kumar Negi, N Balakrishnan, Indian Institute of Science, India; Sadasiva M. Rao, Naval Research Laboratory, United States
Tue, 16 Jul, 14:00 - 14:20

TU-A4.2P.2: Fast Multipole Algorithm for Electromagnetic Scattering from Particle Arrays using a Static Modes Basis

Emanuele Corsaro, Giovanni Miano, Università degli studi di Napoli - Federico II, Italy; Antonello Tamburrino, Salvatore Ventre, Università di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale, Italy; Carlo Forestiere, Università degli studi di Napoli - Federico II, Italy
Tue, 16 Jul, 14:20 - 14:40

TU-A4.2P.3: Preconditioning of EFIE Matrices when Using Additive High-order Singular Bases

Bruno Carpentieri, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy; Roberto Graglia, Paolo Petrini, Politecnico di Torino, Italy; Maurizio Tavelli, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
Tue, 16 Jul, 14:40 - 15:00

TU-A4.2P.4: Block Structure Preserving Model Order Reduction for A-EFIE Integral Equation Method

Riccardo Torchio, University of Padova, Italy; Sebastian Schöps, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany; Francesco Lucchini, University of Padova, Italy
Tue, 16 Jul, 15:00 - 15:20

TU-A4.2P.5: Spectral Projection Model Applied to Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves from Conducting Ellipsoid Surfaces with Arbitrary Cross Sections.

Vidyasagar Sivalingam, Naval Undersea Warfare center, United States; Dayalan kasilingam, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, United States
Coffee Break
Tue, 16 Jul, 15:40 - 16:00

TU-A4.2P.6: Characteristic Mode Analysis Method for Thin Dielectric Coated Strucutres at Low Frequency

Zhaoyuan Wang, Jihong Gu, Chunlai Jia, Jiwei Lian, Dazhi Ding, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
Tue, 16 Jul, 16:00 - 16:20

TU-A4.2P.7: A General Model for Modelling Complex Electromagnetic Problems

Chao-Fu Wang, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
Tue, 16 Jul, 16:20 - 16:40

TU-A4.2P.8: Accurate Computation of the Radar Cross Section by Increasing the Geometric Approximation Order in Boundary Integral Equations

Matthias Baray, Agnès Pujols, Emanuele Arcese, Francis Collino, CEA, France
Tue, 16 Jul, 16:40 - 17:00

TU-A4.2P.9: Multistatic Scattering Matrix for Describing Electromagnetic Scattering from Cylinders with Arbitrary Cross-Sections

Dayalan Kasilingam, Anthony Fascia, Vidyasagar Sivalingam, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, United States
Tue, 16 Jul, 17:00 - 17:20

TU-A4.2P.10: An Efficient Solver for Electromagnetic Scattering of Large-scale and Complex Perfect Conductor

Zishuo Fang, Li Xu, Hao Wang, Bingqi Liu, Xing Li, Bin Li, School of Electronic Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China