AP-S Topics

AP-S: AP-S General Topics
AP-S.1: Antenna Fundamentals
AP-S.1.1: Antenna theory
AP-S.1.2: Antenna measurements
AP-S.1.3: Antenna feeds and matching circuits
AP-S.1.4: Wire antennas
AP-S.1.5: Slot antennas
AP-S.1.6: Dielectric resonator antennas
AP-S.1.7: Microstrip antennas
AP-S.1.8: Traveling and guided-wave antennas
AP-S.1.9: Electrically small antennas
AP-S.2: Antenna Enhancements
AP-S.2.10: Array antennas
AP-S.2.11: Mutual coupling in antennas
AP-S.2.12: Reflector and reflectarray antennas
AP-S.2.13: Multi-band antennas
AP-S.2.14: Broadband/ultra-wideband antennas & systems
AP-S.2.15: Millimeter-wave antennas
AP-S.2.16: Metasurface and metamaterial antennas
AP-S.2.17: MIMO implementations and applications
AP-S.2.18: Reconfigurable and adaptive antennas and arrays
AP-S.3: Electromagnetics: Theory, Materials, and Education
AP-S.3.19: Electromagnetic theory
AP-S.3.20: Electromagnetic material properties and measurements
AP-S.3.21: Frequency-selective surfaces
AP-S.3.22: Electromagnetic bandgap materials
AP-S.3.23: Metamaterials and metasurfaces
AP-S.3.24: Nano-electromagnetics
AP-S.3.25: High power electromagnetics
AP-S.3.26: Random and nonlinear electromagnetics
AP-S.3.27: Electromagnetics education
AP-S.3.28: Historical Aspects of Antennas & EM
AP-S.4: Computational and Analytical Techniques
AP-S.4.29: Computational electromagnetics
AP-S.4.30: High-frequency and asymptotic methods
AP-S.4.31: Integral-equation methods
AP-S.4.32: FDTD methods
AP-S.4.33: FEM methods
AP-S.4.34: Hybrid methods
AP-S.4.35: Techniques for transient simulations
AP-S.4.36: Techniques for layered and inhomogeneous media
AP-S.4.37: Optimization methods in EM designs
AP-S.4.38: Parallel and special-processor-based numerical methods
AP-S.5: Propagation and Scattering
AP-S.5.39: Indoor, urban, terrestrial, and ionospheric propagation
AP-S.5.40: Propagation models
AP-S.5.41: Channel modeling
AP-S.5.42: Propagation and scattering in random or complex media
AP-S.5.43: Scattering, diffraction, and RCS
AP-S.5.44: Inverse scattering and imaging
AP-S.5.45: Remote sensing
AP-S.6: Antenna Applications and Emerging Technologies
AP-S.6.46: Biomedical applications
AP-S.6.47: Mobile antennas
AP-S.6.48: Automotive antennas & electromagnetics
AP-S.6.49: Satellite antennas
AP-S.6.50: Antennas on platforms and in specialized environments
AP-S.6.51: On-chip antennas
AP-S.6.52: 3D printed antennas and structures
AP-S.6.53: RFID antennas and systems
AP-S.6.54: Wireless power transmission and harvesting
AP-S.6.55: THz and optical antennas
AP-S.6.56: Software-defined/cognitive radio
AP-S.6.57: AI in electromagnetic field applications