Technical Guidelines & Regulations

Dear Sponsors and Exhibitors,

We are pleased to provide you with the Technical Guidelines and Regulations containing relevant information for exhibiting at Fortezza da Basso during the 2024 IEEE AP-S International Symposium and ITNC-USNC-URSI Radio Science Meeting.

Please forward this manual to all persons involved in the conference exhibition and return the following documents duly filled out and signed to

  • Declaration Download Here
  • Form A included in the attached document “LEJ24_006_004_Security Technical Regulations” Download Here
  • Compulsory Insurance Form (if you haven't sent it yet) Download Here

We look forward to meeting you in Florence.

Best regards,

The Exhibition & Sponsor Coordinator

Exhibition & Sponsor Organizer Contact
Exhibition & Sponsor Coordinator

Manuela Trinchero, Selene Srl

Industry and Government Engagement Chair

Martina Falchi, University of Pisa

Exhibitor Move-In Date
Monday July 15, 2024 13:00 – 18:00 (Set-up)
Exhibition Date Exhibitors Access Hours Exhibition Opening Hours
Tuesday July 16, 2024 08:00 09:00 – 18:00
Wednesday July 17, 2024 08:00 09:00 – 18:00
Thursday July 18, 2024 08:00 09:00 – 18:00
Exhibitor Move-Out Date
Friday July 19, 2024 08:00 – 12:00 (Dismantling)

Note: Dismantling of the stand before the official dismantling hours is not permitted.

Conference Venue

Fortezza da Basso
Via Filippo Strozzi – Firenze

Conference Venue Image
Fortezza da Basso

This historical site will host the 2024 IEEE AP-S International Symposium and ITNC-USNC-URSI Radio Science Meeting, offering a blend of traditional architecture and modern facilities.

General Conditions of Use of the Exhibition and Congress Areas and Services

  1. The Exhibitor is entitled to use the exhibition-congress areas and connected services, exclusively in the period specified in the Sponsorship Terms and Conditions.
  2. While using the areas and services granted to the Exhibitor, Firenze Fiera will directly and exclusively manage the property and the relevant technological installations, in order to guarantee the safety and correct use of the structures. A Firenze Fiera appointed officer will be present during the opening hours of the areas.

  1. If the Exhibitor has not indicated any defects regarding the integrity of the structures and furnishings made available, the Exhibitor is deemed liable for any losses, damages or tampering identified at the end of the period of use, authorising Firenze Fiera to repair the damage at the Exhibitor’s expense.
  2. At the end of the last day of the period of use of the exhibition services, the Exhibitor must return the area made available for use, free of people and objects in the state and substance it was in at the initial moment of such a period.
  3. For any emergency interventions to repair or replace the components of the supplied machines, as well as of the installations and fixtures damaged by negligence or carelessness of use, Firenze Fiera will charge the Exhibitor the cost of repairing the damage.

  1. The furnishings or fittings must not impede the correct operation of the technological systems, nor should they in any way hinder access in terms of the security of the location and protecting the safety of the people.
  2. It is absolutely forbidden to conceal, in any way, the fixed and mobile fire prevention systems, hoses or fire extinguishers, which must always be visible and accessible.

  1. It is not permitted to set up and dismantle the Exhibition space at times/days other than those indicated in the exhibition schedule (see page 3).
  2. Any application with glue or other types of sealing: nails, screws, staples, etc., on walls, doors and floors is forbidden. The use of adhesive tape is permitted only for laying carpets or other removable floor covering; the use of tape with cyanoacrylate adhesive is forbidden.

Please see the enclosed document“Security Technical Regulations” provided by Firenze Fiera.

Technical Guidelines

Exhibit booth – 9 sqm (3m x 3m): Shell Scheme
Exhibit Booth Image
Exhibit Booth Layout Image
The 3x3 shell scheme package includes:
Shell Scheme Package Image
  • Fireproof carpet (blue colour) is included inside the booth
  • Company name will be the name written in the Application Form. If the name should be another, please inform the Exhibition Coordinator by sending an email to:
  • Tablecloth is not included in the package. It can be requested with an extra cost of Euro 34 + VAT 22% by sending an email to:

If you have a free space, you will receive: Floorspace only. The stand building maximum height is 2.5 m.

Please see instructions at the "Instruction for Stand Constructors and Exhibitors" section below.

Additional furniture, branding opportunities, AA/VV equipment and services will be provided by the Official Suppliers at Firenze Fiera.

Please see the attached catalogue:

  • Furniture catalogue (with images)
  • Booth customization – Indoor Graphics
  • Audiovisual equipment
Request & Order confirmation:

Further supplies must be ordered by sending the enclosed Furniture and Service Request Form duly filled out to:

The prices are for the rental of materials and also include transport to the booth and assembly / disassembly.


Upon receipt of the completed form, a Pro-forma invoice will be sent for payment. Please note that payment must be made before the start of the event. As an exhibitor, you are responsible for payment, regardless of whether the deliveries have been ordered by you or your supplier.

Changes or cancellation:

Changes or cancellation of orders are possible until June 4, 2024. In case an order is cancelled after that date, the Exhibition Coordinator reserves the right to invoice the full amount of the order related to the catalogue price or the price offered.

Shipments, goods storage and delivery must be managed by MEL Srl, the only Official Logistics Agency at Firenze Fiera. It is therefore not allowed to third parties to deliver/pick up inside the exhibition areas or operate with forklifts or other means within the venue.

Empty goods: Packaging, pallets and other surplus materials may not be stored in the halls during the event, but must be removed for storage by MEL against a fee charged to exhibitor.

For services, costs and instructions consult the MEL shipping catalogue in attachment. Logistic services must be reserved by filling out the MEL order form by July 5, 2024.

Fortezza da Basso provides a general WIFI of the Conference. If you need an additional customized WIFI line please send your request to:

Gerist S.r.l has exclusive rights to serve food and drinks in the exhibition area. Therefore, exhibitors are not allowed to provide food or drinks in their booth. If you want to serve food and beverage samples in your stand, please send an email to the Exhibition Coordinator to make an agreement:

Stand build-up:
  • The stand building maximum height is 2.5 m.
  • It is forbidden to drill, colour, smear the panels and use glues or adhesives on them. Any damage caused to the panels and to all rental materials will be charged to the Exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors building their own design booth must send their project by email to the Technical Office of Firenze Fiera: and cc: indicating measures, weights, technical installation, electrical consumption, etc. and a render design in 3D, so that it may be validated by the venue. If the project is not previously validated by the venue, it won’t be allowed to start the setup.

The access management and control system are provided by Firenze Fiera. The Access System involves all the persons who must access and move inside Fortezza da Basso during the setting-up and/or dismantling phases, and during the running of the event.

All those who must access the Exhibition center during the set-up/dismantling phase of the event must necessarily be equipped with a personal pass and a pass for any vehicles. Exhibiting companies participating in the congress must be registered on Firenze Fiera access portal where they can independently obtain their own passes. 15 days before the start of the event, each exhibiting company will receive instruction and credentials to access the Firenze Fiera.

Terms and Conditions

    AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024 and/or its designated agent reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company, product or service and the right to restrict, prohibit or evict any Exhibitor or product which detracts from the character of the Exhibition or for any violation of the following Terms and Conditions.
    The 2024 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI Radio Science Meeting will be held July 14-19, 2024 at Firenze Fiera – Fortezza da Basso, Via Filippo Strozzi 1, Florence (Italy): 09:00 - 18:00 Tuesday, July 16, 2024 / 09:00 - 18:00 Wednesday, July 17, 2024 / 09:00 - 18:00 Thursday, July 18, 2024. The meeting management reserves the right to make changes in the Exhibit hours. However, such changes will be made known as far in advance of the Exhibition as possible. As part of the contract with AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024, all Exhibitors must guarantee that their booths will be staffed during all show hours.
    Spaces will be accessible to Exhibitors for setting up displays on Monday, July 15, 2024, from 13:00 to 18:00. Packing and removal of Exhibits prior to the close of the Exhibition is prohibited. Exhibitors shall be liable for all storage and handling charges for failure to remove Exhibits by service contractor move-out. Exhibitor move-out: 08:00-12:00 Friday, July 19, 2024.
    A full exhibit area is 3,00 mt x 3,00 mt at a cost of € 4’050 + VAT if applicable (by 02/19/2024) / € 4’500 + VAT if applicable (after 02/19/2024 and while space is available). Failure to make final payment constitutes a cancellation of this contract. See Cancellations section of the Terms and Conditions for details. Standard equipment entitlements include: printed booth sign with company name, recognition on the symposium website featuring linked exhibitor name and logo, recognition in the online Program Guide with exhibitor name and company logo, all risks on exhibited good and general liability insurance, two (2) exhibitor passes. Additional exhibitor’s passes can be purchased for €100 per day + VAT if applicable. Any additional equipment requirements or services may be acquired through show service vendors via the Furniture and Service Request Form.
    Exhibitors are allowed to bring in their own audiovisual equipment to use in their booths; however, show service personnel are not responsible for maintenance or of such equipment. All A/V equipment leased through show services must be reserved in advance via the Furniture and Service Request Form.
    Space assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, with all assignments made in the best interest of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor’s booth location preference will be requested and assigned whenever possible. AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024 reserves the right to alter an Exhibitor’s assigned space, if it is necessary and is in the best interest of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor will be consulted before AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024 exercises this right.
    The Exhibitor shall not assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the space assigned or have representatives, equipment or materials from other firms than their own in the exhibit space without written consent of symposium organizers. Only one company shall be considered as the Exhibitor. Any other company or unit in the space shall be considered a subsidiary or affiliate.
    MEL Srl is the Official Logistics Agency at Firenze Fiera. It is therefore not allowed to third parties to deliver/pick up inside the exhibition areas or operate forklifts or other equipment within the venue. For services, costs and instructions consult the MEL shipping catalogue. Logistic services must be reserved by filling out the MEL order form by July 5, 2024.
    Loudspeaker sound displays are prohibited. The symposium staff reserves the right to refuse any exhibit not in good taste or inconsistent with a meeting of this kind.
    All exhibit and space materials must be in compliance with local fire and hazardous materials handling ordinances. Volatile oils, gases, other explosives or any substance prohibited by the city departments or authorities will not be permitted in the exhibition area. Likewise, all electrical work and wiring must be approved and installed in accordance with regulations. Corridors leading to exit doors and all entrance and exit doors should be kept clear of obstructions at all times. No objects are to be attached to or suspended from the fire sprinklers or light fixtures on the ceiling. Under no circumstances should the fire alarm call points, fire hose reels, fire extinguishers and exits be blocked or access to them be impeded by exhibition booths, partitions, exhibits or other objects.
    An official Contractor is designated and reported in the Furniture and Service Request Form to perform services for Exhibitors. No Exhibitor or representative shall contract for such services with other than the said official Contractor without the express written consent of symposium organizers, which, for reasons of security, in their sole discretion can deny such permission.
    Every day at the end of the conference work, the venue is closed until the following morning. An Insurance Policy for Damages and Civil Liability, Damages and/or Theft is included in the Exhibit Space cost. The Exhibitors will receive the “COMPULSORY INSURANCE FORM & INFORMATION NOTE” including terms and conditions, description of the activities and insured entities, and related coverage. Each Exhibitor must send the Form duly filled in and undersigned within and no later than June 23, 2024 by email to:
    If space contracted is canceled by the Exhibitor on or after May 6, 2024, or if the Exhibitor fails to occupy the space contracted, AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024 is entitled to the full amount of the space rental.
    Any and all matters or questions not specifically covered by the preceding rules and regulations shall be subject solely to the discretion of the Symposium organizers and AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024.
    If AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024 should be prevented from holding the exposition by any cause beyond its control or if it cannot permit the Exhibitor to occupy his space due to circumstances beyond its control, AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024 will refund to the Exhibitor the amount of the rental paid and AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024 shall have no further obligation or liability to the Exhibitor.
    All promotions conducted by the Exhibitor must be free of obligation on the part of the winner and participants. All promotions and drawings must be approved by AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024 prior to the opening of the event.
    Completion of the support and grants portion of the Application Form is a commitment to support. Full payment must be received or the contract will be considered null and void and all promotional entitlements will be withdrawn. AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024, at its discretion, may make reasonable changes, amendments or additions to entitlements. To be included in the online Program Guide, as a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze patron, AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024 must receive the contributor’s signed Application and applicable payment by March 31, 2024. Missed deadlines are not remunerable.
    AP-S/USNC-URSI 2024, at its discretion, may make reasonable changes, amendments or additions to these Terms and Conditions. Interpretations of these Terms and Conditions shall rest with show management and non-compliance can result in ejection of the offending Exhibitor or closing of the Exhibit.